Management Made Easier

Amplify Innovations works closely with leaders and managers to identify tools and processes that enable management at a glance, management by exception, and client-focused management.  We have been managers and working with managers for decades.  We understand how to identify bottlenecks that were previously unknown or unarticulated, and how to implement the best solutions in the market so that production of work flows at full speed.

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How We Are Different

Not only do we implement efficiency solutions for production and management, but we do so always maintaining an eye on client-focused solutions and business growth possibilities.   We identify and implement efficiency solutions that make business operate faster and smoother, and simultaneously add value to your clients and customers.  We will turn your investments in efficiency into client growth returns by first tailoring those solutions to unmet client needs and then communicating that to your market.  Our integrated approach turns infrastructure investments into marketing opportunities and revenue results.

How We Do It

Market Intelligence

We bring together vital market insights from the teams with which we work, from our own industry specialists, and by collecting client and customer data.  We create ongoing tools and processes that continuously reach legal and professional services clients so that our clients become and remain the most relevant and responsive providers in their markets.

Technical Solutions

Amplify Innovations helps operations teams identify and implement technical and procedural systems that enable agile responses to client demands. We work closely with operational professionals teaching methods for identifying solutions and project management practices for implementing solutions.


It has been our honor to work with outstanding operations professionals.  Our mission is to bridge the divide that traditionally exists between marketing and operational functions and create a process of productive collaboration.  We create the space, time and processes by which services and sales can integrate into a seamless solution.