Giving Back

Amplify Innovations identifies entrepreneurs and businesses with something special to give to the community. We provide our services free of charge to help our community serving clients solidify a winning strategy and take that message to market. Our commitment is to maintain a client roster that is at least 10% Community Entrepreneurs at all times. We look forward to meeting our next Inspired Community Entrepreneur.

I Am A Community Entrepreneur

     Key Contact

Andrea Hunolt

Chief Engagement Officer

What Makes Us Different

Our team thrives not only on innovation, but also on intention. We carefully select clients who are the best at what they do and who bring the very best intentions to their work. We work with both for profit and non-profit clients whose work provides a tangible benefit to individuals in need and to social causes. This approach keeps us inspired about our work. Working with inspired entrepreneurs who bring the right intention to the table uplifts the creativity we bring to everything we do.